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What We Do

AOF/Golden State Community Development Corp.’s business process and core competencies include but are not limited to:

  • Conduct market/needs analyses and conceptual project designs
  • Choose and negotiate purchase of a suitable site
  • Select and work with architects and other consultants
  • Understand and comply with the local planning, zoning and building requirements
  • Create development pro forma plans and operating budgets
  • Set low income rents and/or sales prices
  • Identify financing sources and apply for financing
  • Comply with lender and PJ requirements
  • Deal with community concerns
  • Comply with CEQA and NEPA requirements
  • Choose and work with construction contractors
  • Manage the construction process
  • Choose and work with a management agent
  • Successfully market projects to the low income market
  • Comply with HOME program requirements, construction close-out and long term obligations

Multifamily Resident Services

AOF/Golden State Community Development Corp.’s mission as an organization is to provide services to the tenants of low-income housing developments.

AOF/Golden State Community Development Corp. coordinates and monitors various services provided to the residents of our affordable housing complexes. Our goal is for the apartment complexes to provide services and linkages to resources within each local community that will enable our residents to live a better life. We use feedback from residents and on-site management to help develop programs that compliment the current interests of the residents as well as help them to discover new ones.

Several of our complexes have contracted with All Things are Possible After School & Family Resource Centers ( to run their resident services programs. The services provided vary based on the needs and facilities of each apartment community. After-school programs for resident children include tutoring and reading assistance, as well as sports and other recreational activities to keep the children active and engaged. Computer training is offered to improve the skills of both children and adults. We believe that providing computers and access to the internet allows residents to stay abreast of job opportunities as well as obtain training and education that might not otherwise be available to them. We believe that successful senior living is about choice, dignity, and quality of life and we work closely with property managers to ensure that appropriate activities are made available through linkages with local community groups and on-site activities.

Bridging the Digital Divide

Mr. Nayar has volunteered a significant amount of his time over the last 15 years to help low income families and seniors. He sits on two boards. One is a non-profit where CRA officers meet to give assistance to non-profits in assisting low income families. Over the last six years Mr. Nayar has met on several occasions with bank CRA officers in the project locations to obtain their assistance in securing services for AOF/Golden State Community Development Corp’s projects.  The CRA officers have taken a specific interest in select AOF/Golden State Community Development Corp’s projects and have provided contacts with service providing agencies. They also have arranged to have credit counseling in association with a first time home buyer program training on-site.

These financial institutions have donated used furniture, computers, printers, fax machines, copying machines, and typewriters etc. for all of our projects.  We are routinely kept informed by these CRA Officers when the branches either close or decide to get new furniture and equipment and in turn we receive kind donations of equipment which we donate back out to the low income communities that we serve.  The banks also have given financial donations to run these programs. AOF/Golden State Community Development Corp has also built partnerships with software donation organizations that serve non-profits with redistribution opportunities that offer software for highly discounted prices. Through the use of the partnership with our CRA representatives, software donation organizations and institutions such as Capital Source Bank, AOF/Golden State Community Development Corp has been able to bridge the digital divide in the low income community that separates communities from information technology and learning environments only accessible through modern computing.

Income & Expense Review

We require all projects to provide us with the monthly income and expense statements.  Every quarter these reports are analyzed by our accounting staff.  Upon review of the data pertaining to each property a report is created with our analysis of variances, deficiencies, rent loss, or operational performance. As an added benefit to the relationship with our clients, this information is shared with our partners, clients, and our property management to improve the partnerships business processes.

Asset Management

AOF/Golden State Community Development Corp performs a comprehensive asset management review in conjunction with the income and expense review. The asset management component of the business comprises of at least one onsite visit per a property on either an annual, bi-annual, or quarterly basis. Site visits involve property management attendance to address outstanding issues or issues relating to performance of the property at large as well as photographic documentation of the physical asset. In addition to the onsite visit, staff at AOF/Golden State Community Development Corp perform regular interview based reviews of the portfolio with both onsite management and regional property managers on a scheduled basis.